Clara Chinyere Okoro, Vincent E. Unegbu, Chioma Euriel Uzohue


The study analyses the job performance of medical doctors in university teaching hospitals in South-West, Nigeria. Job performance serves as an instrument to measure the health of organizations. The study adopted the descriptive research design to investigate six teaching hospitals in the South-western Nigeria. Multi-sampling was used to administer 391 copies of questionnaire to the medical practitioner but 390 were returned for data analysis, making the response rate to be 99.7%. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics (frequency counts, percentage, mean and standard deviation). Findings revealed that level of job performance and non-job-specific task proficiency of the medical practitioners were remarkably ‘very high’ while the job-specific task proficiency was high. There were, however, training and professional development issues that could pose barriers to the job performance of medical practitioners if not addressed. It was, therefore, recommended that the management of teaching hospitals in South-West Nigeria to improve on training and professional development of their medical workforce.


Job Performance, job-specific task proficiency, non-job-specific task proficiency Medical Information Resources, University Teaching Hospitals, South-West Nigeria

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