Lucky Brimoh (PhD), Anthony Sawe (PhD), Austin Thomas Aghemeloh


Culture of peace is an in invariable issue necessiated from crisis in the world political stage, North Korea, Iran with figured out fully in conflict management strategic in the avoidance of war between United State with the two countries developing Nuclear weapon and acquisition, as the United Nation are campaigning for world peace in how the right for every citizen to leave in peace and avoidance of war. War whether civil political, industrial or otherwise, affects the cooperate existence of a people, and the various mechanisms through which conflict can be prevented and managed by the international organsaiton. Therefore conflict management strategy is now part of every body business, for world peace and conflict free environment.

The research method adopted is quantitative and source of data for the study is content analysis of secondary data which are collected from published and unpublished materials such as books, journal and articles and newspaper. These data are collected from existing documentation on the subject matter from libraries, internet on the avoidance of war by conflict management strategy in the case of North Korea, Iran with united state of America had reach a new dimension, that will eventually lead to war, the method of data analysis are historical method and content analysis which are epistemology in nature with aim of adopting a pragmatic position of Survey method and Acaval analysis are applicable.

Virtually every part of the world has consistently been embattled in war during the course of history and social interaction, Wars are still position avoidable to resolve the crisis with the use of conflict management strategy, collective security, collecting bargaining of peace, politics approach, diplomatic approach, etc. so as to avoid conflict. Conclusively, war on human environment has increased substantially because of the hostility in the world, therefore conflict management advocate culture of peace to a culture of war, recommendation good education to leaders of nation of the world and coexistence between nation is better and perpetrators of crises should be sanctioned to serve deterrent and to other etc.

The finding is that avoidance of war by early warning conflict management strategy is long overdue as of recent the United nation appeal for peace and justice in the 21st century for nations to accommodate stability, security and mutual relationship, since the principle of judicial approach, diplomacy state and parliamentary could better solve the problem of Iran, North Korea with united states.

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