Ikwen Stephen Agba, Juliana Jerome Adie, Ifeyinwa Roseline Obeki


The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the world in all spheres of life, including the wellbeing of families, individuals, organizations and communities globally.

Interestingly, the place of Social Workers as frontline actors in fighting this Pandemic cannot be over emphasized. The aim of this study therefore was to examine and identify the challenges experienced by Medical Social Workers during this Pandemic in the course of their involvement and interventions. This study adopted a qualitative design utilizing 25 in-dept interviews (IDIs) with Medical Social Workers who are staffs of the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Calabar and the University of Calabar teaching hospital, Calabar respectively. The IDIs were analyzed in themes. Findings from the study revealed that some of the Medical Social Workers in the selected hospitals were involved to an extent in the Covid-19 interventions and they encountered several challenges which had affected their levels of intervention. The study recommends the need for the Federal Government and Hospital Management to address the challenges and needs of Medical Social Work Practitioners in other to improve service delivery to all clients in need of care.


Covid-19, Medical Social Workers, Hospitals, Challenges

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