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COVID-19 as described by an author is “The Great Reset". This work is a position presented as a suggested guide for the church to understand the reality of how COVID-19 has disrupted our social and church life. This author also looks at what changes would be needed in the Post COVID-19 era. This is necessary for the church administratively in order to create a more inclusive ministry to reach the world and to position the church to be buoyant and have a workable spiritual program for the vision and mission of the church locally and internationally going forward. The question that would be running in the minds of church members and ministers of the gospel is “where do we go from here?”  To state that there exists a concern for the future of the church, yet Biblically we see that the solution has been provided for us.  The disruptive of the patter of activities of the church requires a reset. It is required of the church to turn to God and renew the power of foresightedness and divine ingenuity, so as to take the church, with the help of God, to a better future.


Praxis, COVID-19, Ecclesiology, Cell Church

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